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Part of this year’s vision for IoT Invent is to inform and inspire a far wider audience than we did in 2017. We’ve had a new blog section added to the site (thank you, EmaWeb), so I thought my first post would be a great opportunity to formally introduce myself and attempt to offer a brief description of what we do here at IoT Invent.


Hi – I’m Pete Beckett, I am an electronics engineer by name, and a technology enthusiast by nature. I grew up loving tech, blissfully unaware of the opportunities to be discovered. After a brief spell working as an electrician and later a telecoms engineer at BT, I was introduced to the wonders of the Arduino and enrolled on a degree course in Electronic Engineering at the University of Portsmouth. After some time working for tech indstury leaders such as IBM and Ultra Electronics, I’m now back living close to where I grew up, in a village just outside of Guildford, with my wife and occasionally a cheeky cat named Malcolm.

When IoT Invent started in 2017, it was primarily staged to provide a means to inform and enable startups and SMEs to take their first steps into the exciting world of IoT. Using my engineering expertise and knowledge of connected devices and the IoT landscape as it stood. Over the last year things have evolved naturally, as all new businesses tend to. We’ve since engaged in partnering with other professionals to offer a broader, deeper service combining business advice and industrial design on top of our electronic engineering and prototyping services.

What’s in a name?

As any new business owner will tell you, deciding on a business name can be a frustrating process! It starts well, with brainstorms and madcap ideas, scribbled thoughts at 3am, but that initial excitement soon dies. Next comes the weeks of diligently switching between Kualo Domains, Companies House and Twitter, in an attempt to find a name which is both available as a website, a company name and doesn’t require a string of random numbers and underscore on twitter. Then, once you’ve finally found a name which has at least a passing relevance to the business you’re hoping to launch, comes the demoralising moment where you proudly announce it to friends and family, only to be met with puzzled expressions and unimpressed sighs. Thaknfully in our case the process didn’t repeat too many times, and the decision came down to two options: IoT Invent and BecTec. BecTec had been an unofficial, tongue-in-cheek name some friends and I gave ourselves when we were working on a group project whilst at Univserity. IoT Invent was the no-nonsence ‘does-exactly-what-it-says-on-the-tin’ option. In the end, as much as I’d like to name the business after myself I decided that IoT Invent did a better job of characterising the vision for the business.

How about you?

So I’ve done a whole lot of talking about myself and hopefully given you a little taste of what we’re shooting for at IoT Invent, now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear your thoughts on IoT – maybe you’ve already begun the journey, if so, what impact have you’ve seen it have on your business? What has and hasn’t worked? Maybe this is all new to you and you’re trying to find a way to dip your toe. Whatever it is we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment or get in touch via our contact us page. If you’re not the chatty type, or you’d just like to learn more about us, feel free to head on over to our home page.

– Pete